Belgrade swing dance festival

Hiding in plain sight from 12.4. to 14.4.2024. (warming up with the official pre-party on April 11th)

At the mysterious crossroads of the Balkan Peninsula and the Pannonian Plain, at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, second international swing dance festival in Belgrade, Swingidunum 2024, awaits you.

You shall embark on a four-day journey of decoding Lindy Hop secrets with amazing international teachers, be part of enigmatic taster classes that'll spark your imagination, four parties with live bands and DJs and afterparties...

More clues coming soon!

Venue location clue

The story behind the name

The name Swingidunum was coined from the words Singidunum and swing.

Singidunum - a name of Celtic origin. It is known to be an ancient city, a fortified settlement which occupied a large part of modern Belgrade's downtown. Singidunum was first mentioned in 279 BC.

Swing - this one you know. Because it don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing.


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Package prices

full pass

Early bird -  180 EUR First 20 couples

Regular bird -  195 EUR until March 8th

late bird -  210 EUR FROM March 9th

7 HOURS OF LINDY HOP CLASSES with 3 couples of international teachers


PRE-PARTY with DJ-s on Thursday

3 PARTIES (bands and DJs) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Party Pass


PRE-PARTY with DJ-s on Thursday

3 PARTIES (bands and DJs) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Group Special

buy 9 passes and get 1 for free

accomodation - sold out

Accomodation & Breakfast

43 EUR - per person per night

Compass River City

Boat cabin rooms with 2 beds and a private bathroom at the main venue.

Breakfast is served at the ship's restaurant.


37 EUR - per person per night

Compass River City

Boat cabin rooms with 2 beds and a private bathroom at the main venue.


Lindy hop

Moe sakan & minn vo

Moe has enjoyed professional training in many different types of dance from a young age. In 1999 Moe fell in love with the world of swing dancing, and since then these have been her favorite dances.

Moe moved to London in 2000, bringing a sparkle to the local swing dancing scene, becoming the UK's top female swing dancer while also representing her origin. An active social and competition dancer, she is proud to have won numerous competition titles internationally, including the world’s biggest Jack 'n' Jill competition at Frankie 95 (2009). In 2017, she had the honor of being inducted into the Camp Hollywood Hall Of Fame. Moe travels the world sharing her passion extensively both for performing and teaching Lindy Hop, Balboa and Shag.

She has also enjoyed dancing for several productions, including theatre, television and films.

Minn is an LA dance legend and one of the most versatile artists of our time. He has made his mark in television, commercials, film, music videos and currently working as an active Hollywood Stuntman. Minn covers all areas of American jazz dance. His dance styles include Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Air Steps, Collegiate Shag and much more.

gastón fernández & alba mengual

Gas and Alba are passionate about Swing and Blues, the music, the culture, the dances that emerged from them (Blues, Lindy hop, Balboa, Vernacular Jazz). They have changed their lives to devote their time to them. They focus on studying them every day, to keep improving daily, as teachers and as dancers.

In 2013 their pathways crossed and their shared passion led them to create Big Mama Swing in Madrid (an institute dedicated to swing and blues in Madrid) and also to work together as international dance partners and keep traveling together. As a couple they have worked all over the world, from Melbourne (Ej. Hullabaloo -for lindy hop- to Melbourne -Blues after sunrise) to New York (Nocturne Blues), and above all and mainly all over Europe. Just to name a couple of important events among them: Herrang Dance Camp (3 editions, both lindy and slow dance), Snowball (slow dance), Lindy shock (Lindy).

Fancy Dougherty & Nejc zupan

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Fancy (a birth name) fell in love with Lindy and Shag in 2008, with Balboa trailing not far behind. She’s been hooked ever since, constantly endeavoring to improve her technique on a never-ending quest for connection, improvisational freedom in social dancing and the true jitterbug spirit.

She has performed, competed in and taught Lindy, Balboa and Shag all over the world, was inducted into the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame in 2014 and is a five-time winner of the National Jitterbug Championships in the shag division.

She loves to dance with new people and beginners, so be sure to ask her to dance!

started swing dancing back in 2003 as a result of his contemporary dance experience and a strong love for jazz music. Because of this he became a main culprit for popularization of Lindy Hop and Balboa in Slovenia in the early 2000s.

His Swing dance experience is a collection of endless research into different dance forms, many international workshops and his humble willingness to keep learning from anybody who is willing to teach him. In the past decade he has taught all over Europe with some of the most talented teachers around and has supported new growing swing scenes in numerous countries. Nejc has helped, and still is, the growth of the Serbian swing scene, as a teacher but also as a friend.

He is known for his elegant and smooth style of dancing as he pays special attention to jazz movement, history and musicality, both equintessential to any Swing dance form.

Taster teachers

Summer Oliday (Olina Topsioti)

Her name is Olina Topsioti and she doesn’t know if she likes her artistic name, but she definitely likes Burlesque.

She has been dancing for several years Swing dances, but her dance crush is still Burlesque, since she saw Sharon Davis 10 years ago!

Apart from a local Burlesque teacher in Thessaloniki,  she was honored to teach in Munich, Belgium, Athens, as well as several festivals around Europe. She still takes classes and she admires being inspired and taught by all those artists. If you ask her, Burlesque has so many facets and it evolves all the time, so you can never have enough of it.

She loves sharing the joy, the freedom and the feminine power of Burlesque with dancers from all over the world and experience how different interpretations can magically happen.

Class levels

Lindy hop


You have taken Lindy Hop classes for at least 1 year regularly.

You have attended socials and a few local workshops.

You are familiar with basics (six and eight counts, figures such as the swing out, tuck turn, lindy circle, texas tommy, couple charleston), and you are able to dance them comfortably and are eager to learn more.

You feel the need to improve your technique.

You can dance to 120 – 180 bpm music with ease.


You have been dancing Lindy Hop for a couple of years at least – regular classes, attending socials and some local and international workshops.

You dance to various tempos 110 – 200 bpm incorporating different rhythms, patterns and creating your own variations.

You are hungry for knowledge and alternative ideas that may improve your dancing skills.

You love dancing to live music and putting more and more emphasis on improvisation, musicality and partner connection.


You have been dancing at an advanced level for a long time and you have ambitions to become a better dancer.

You can dance to any tempo.

You often participate in national and international workshops and festivals, and even compete.

You have been to many workshops and international Lindy hop festivals.

You’ve probably tried a few other swing dances, like Balboa, Blues or Shag and are still hungry for new ideas and technical knowledge that may improve your dancing skills.

You adjust your dancing to different tempos with ease, you can dance with different partners and to different styles.


Dear Swingidunum Agents
Below you can find the schedule for your assignments!
We wish you luck!


THE big five

Inspired by the wild hot sounds of 1930s/40s Harlem, Chicago and West Coast jazz, The Big Five have established themselves as Berlin’s most authentic swing-era combo. Combining a driving rhythm section, a fiery horn-led frontline and dynamic song-arrangements, this international band makes a deep-dive into the lesser-known repertoire of the Swing Golden Age, as well as a strong emphasis on original compositions.

Ranging in size from the core quintet to the full septet lineup, The Big Five are veterans of Berlin’s famed Lindy-hop and Balboa dance-halls and know how to turn a mild-mannered dance party into a raging frenzy of swing-outs. Since their arrival on the scene in 2022 they have performed with great acclaim at Helswingi, Augsburg Balboa & Shag and Berlin's "Are You Syncopated?!”.  

With their sharp attire, explosive energy, and an intense passion for authentic swing-era jazz, these cats will certainly make you Jump for Joy!

paris swing band

Playing old swing and vintage jazz, with special arrangements on swing standard and original compositions!

The band is leaded by French guitarist Daniel Beja, he plays this music for 20 years in France and around the world with his different bands. Playing the music of Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington etc. And also a lot of French songs, from Edith Piaf or Serge Gainsbourg in in a jazzy way… Swing, Vintage jazz, Lindy hop, with a special repertoire perfect for dancers and joyful for all audiences… From Paris to Novi Sad!

DJ vladi

Started dancing in 2014 and DJing in 2016. Not only is he a dancer and a DJ, he is also teaching and competing in almost all swing dance styles. If you know him, you know that he is an excellent blogger for dancing and DJing.

DJ trolly

Trolly loves all kinds of music, but swing and jazz music has a special place in his hearth. He loves to explore all kinds of swing dance styles and music rhythms that come with them. Finding the balance between fresh tempo, interesting song composition and hyping people to have fun while dancing is top priority.

He is ready to make you dance till daylight with his special music selection!


Compass river city

First embark, then dance!

Main venue for Swingidunum 2024 is this elegant river boat, nestled in the New Belgrade district of Belgrade, set only a few kilometers from the historical city center.

It is the place for both our Friday and Saturday parties, but also for all your classes.

This botel with its stylish and spacious interior moored on the Danube river will treat you to the view of Great War Island and the Old Town as you enjoy your drink on the deck in Belgrade spring nights.

Queen's astoria design hotel

Queen’s Astoria Design Hotel was built in 1938 and has kept its unique sophisticated interior until today.

It is also our Sunday party venue, where we will be stepping into the timemachine as we dance the night away at this splendid place.